2019 Fishing is hot!

If you haven’t booked, you are missing some great fishing! This year has produced large fish and they are fat and strong! The river is full of herring, so the fish are coming to the boat looking like footballs! We’ve also had … Read More

Great Day of Striper Fishing on the Kennebec River

Had a fantastic afternoon with our website developer Daniel Eosco and his wonderful wife Mari. Mari’s first time Striper Fishing, she was truly amazed with the fast action.

The Fish Are Here!!!

This was just one day of Fishing on the Kennebec River! At one point we landed over 20 fish in just one hour! There is a ton of bait fish in the river and the Stripers are hitting hard. Book your trip!

Will Satan the fish stealing seal be back this year?

That’s the big question… Stand by for spring and summer updates! From the iPhone of GGTF

1/2 Day and Full Day Kennebec River Fishing Trips!