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Spring!!!! Pffffft< what's a little snow!

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Snow? Pfffft… What’s a little snow?! In a few short days I’ll be putting the Emily B II into the water, and she’s ready to go! (as am I!)

There will be some amazing things going on with Great Gadzooks this year, from new Conservation Data we will be collecting on the Striped Bass we catch, to different types of trips that we are looking forward to offering. (more on that later)

One of the thing that I am really excited about is collecting information that will provide the first detailed picture about the Striped Bass here in Maine. A group of Guides will be taking pictures of the fish we catch and sending them to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, and the “Snap A Striper program”…

The scientists who receive these photos will be able to determine where the fish are from by analyzing length and body structure…. Amazing… In addition any fish that are kept will have their heads sent to Portland where they can count the rings in the ear bone which has yearly rings like a tree (I’m not joking). From these rings they will be able to determine Age, Location the fish spawned in Etc… They actually determine location by analyzing the chemicals present and salinity of the waters the fish came from. Examples: Chesapeake Bay, The Hudson River, and Delaware Bay…

They will also be able to do one thing that is near and dear to my heart, They will be able to definitively find fish from the MIGHTY KENNEBEC RIVER!!! This is ground breaking research, and Great Gadzooks will be on the cutting edge!

More soon!

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